Sexual Offences Handbook – second edition due May 2014


The law and procedure relating to sexual offences is notoriously complex. Since the advent of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, the law (both as to the offences and as to sentencing) changes depending on when the offence was committed, the age of the parties involved and the nature of the act committed.

This up-to-date guide deals with historic and recent sexual offences, providing a step-by-step approach to the relevant law and procedure. It also includes matters arising before and during trials, from the perspectives of both prosecution and the defence.

This new edition of the Sexual Offences Handbook has been updated to reflect the latest law, practice and procedure in relation to sex crime trials. Written by three practitioners with extensive experience of preparing and presenting such trials, this practical and accessible work will prove an invaluable reference for all practitioners working within this specialised area of criminal law.

The new edition –

  • Covers new case-law on SOA 2003
  • Clarifies changes to sentencing law
  • Is essential for dealing with historic allegations from charge to sentence
  • Considers new sexual offences sentencing guidelines

Pre-order your copy here

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